What’s the best brand of tyre?

This depends largely by what yard-stick you measure “best”. For one person the cheapest, longest lasting tyre will be the best. To another, the tyre that offers the most grip is the best, even if it has a fairly short life.

Tyre engineering is about compromises and trade-offs. It simply isn’t possible to design a tyre to do everything well.  High performance tyres that offer high levels of grip are often quite soft and can have a short life, while long wearing tyres may have less grip.  Similarly, tyres that have chunky tread patterns to displace water can provide high levels of wet grip but are often noisy.

Ultimately you’ll need to consider what’s important to you and discuss your needs with a reputable tyre dealer. As a general rule though, if you stick to the well-known mainstream brands, you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

For safety’s sake, remember you usually don’t get anything more than what you pay for.

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